Will Insurance Cover The Price?

Usually power wheel chairs are covered under Medicare or most other type of health insurance companies. This is because they are tools used for people who are unable to move around their home due to some type of medical condition. In most cases the insurance will cover all or part of the price of the chair.

When only part of the cost is covered it is up to the owner to pay the remaining amount that is left on the chair. They can do this is one payment or can work out a payment plan with their insurance company. There are specific requirements that must be met in order for Medicare to qualify someone for a power wheel chair.

Medicare Requirements

  • The patient has a medical condition that would be confined to a chair or bed if they do not have a power wheel chair to help them get around.
  • The patient is not able to use a standard wheelchair because their condition does not allow them to.
  • The patient is able to operate the power wheel chair safely and with ease.
  • The patient will need help moving around for more then six months.

In order to prove that the patient meets all of these requirements they must show the proper documentation that proves everything that they are saying. In other words if you are on the verge of healing fast or want to use the power wheel chair for leisure or recreational activities then you will be denied immediately.

Medicare will usually pay for close to 80% of the cost of the power wheel chair. This leaves you to cover the remaining 20% of the cost. How much you pay will be determined on the type of chair that you choose. If you are not covered under any insurance you may be able to buy one that is used or can work out a payment plan with the company that you work with.