Used Power Wheelchairs

For some people it is nearly impossible to purchase a power wheelchair that is brand new. This is because most of these models can cost as much as $4,000. If you are lucky you will be able to have most if not all of the cost covered by your insurance. However, when this is not possible or you do not have any type of insurance than you need something that will help you to get some.

There are many companies that will offer both new and used power wheelchairs for people who need them at a discount price. The used models have been refurbished and work and look almost as good as new. However, they may be a few hundreds dollars less and gives you the ability to spend money on accessories to help make it work properly.

How To Buy Used Models

You can either purchase these used models from different manufacturers that have refurbished them or you can purchase them from someone who is trying to get rid of theirs. If you are wanting to purchase from someone than you need to try to look at it in person to determine if there are any problems with it. Also try to give it a test drive to make sure that it is comfortable for you.

Another place that you are able to purchase these power wheelchairs from is eBay. This online auction site is a great place to get the necessary chairs and accessories that you need. You will want to find these chairs being sold be someone that is reliable or maybe even someone who sells them from their small stores. Before you buy them make sure that they are able to be returned in there are any problems.

Craiglist is another great site that you are able to purchase them from. This site is local and allows you to visit the seller in person and test drive it before you purchase it. This might be one of the most convenient ways for people because they do not have to pay for shipping.