Top Brands Of Power Wheelchairs

There are many different brands of power wheelchairs that you are able to purchase from. When choosing the right brand and manufacturer you have to be able to choose someone that is dependable, affordable, and is able to provide you with the product that you want and need.


Invacare is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers in the power wheelchair industry and is also able to provide customers with other medical products that people are able to use in their home. They provide products to consumers all across the world and have some of the safest and most durable products that you are able to choose from.


Permobil sells power wheelchairs that lightweight, very strong and durable, and have a variety of features that make them easy to use. Most of these products are able to be programmed and are able to be used in a variety of operating systems that include; head control, joystick, and sip and puff control.

Sunrise Medical

This company is another of the biggest and largest manufacturers that sell homecare products including power wheelchairs. This company was started in 1983 and sells some of the best brands of power chairs that you would want to use. They have offices all around the world to serve people everywhere.

Pride Mobility

Pride is another well known and respected company that has been around for quite some time and is able to provide people with the latest technology and well designed wheelchairs. They also offer scooters and lift chairs.