Standard Vs. Power Wheel Chairs

There are two types of wheel chairs that can be used by people who are injured or who are not able to use their legs in any way. These are standard and power wheel chairs. These two types are completely different except that they both serve to bring the owner to their desired destination. But which one do you think is right for you?

Standard Wheel Chairs

Standard wheel chairs are very simple and can be found in any hospital or clinic that you visit. It is true that they are very useful and are able to carry you wherever you need – but are they practical in this world? Most would say no. While these chairs are very useful and inexpensive they are better used for people who are not able to use their legs only for a short time.

In order to use them you have to use both arms to push the wheels – which requires an unbelievable amount of upper body strength that most of us don’t have. They are also not great for outdoor use because they are rigid and not able to turn corners very easily.

Power Wheel Chairs

Power wheel chairs are more ideal for people who need something long term. They are much more comfortable and easier to use. They operate with a simple joystick that allows them to turn sharp corners. They are also built to be tough enough to use outdoors on the streets. While they are more expensive they allow for more versatility and ease and require less work from the owner.

But do not think that you cannot bring your power wheel chair with you when go on long road trips. While they do not have the ability to collapse down like a standard wheel chair they can be placed on a wheelchair lift that is installed on the back of the car. This lift is motorized and will lower itself down to give you better access and ease of getting in and out of it.