Power Wheelchair Safety Guidelines

Power wheelchairs are an automated machine that we use to drive and to move around places with. Because of this it is important that we are careful when driving them and that we follow the necessary guidelines. These guidelines were created to make it safe for us to drive around in and to avoid any potential accidents.

Stay On Sidewalks

The sidewalks are important to use whether you are walking or using your power wheelchair. They help to keep you off the road and out of the way of motorists. While driving on the sidewalk be careful not to drive over any holes or large cracks. Otherwise you will mess up the tires and possibly break the power chair.

Be Careful With Crosswalks

Crosswalks are used for people who need to get from one side of the street to the other side of it without the fear of cars trying to trample you. When using these crosswalks make sure that all of the cars have seen you and that you have plenty of time to cross. Your power chair will be much slower than any car and the light may turn green before you have finished crossing it.

Seat Belts

Like with any automated vehicle that you use it is important that you use the right safety gear. Seat belts are able to come with your power wheel chair and can keep you safe while you drive. They also help to keep you safe if you fall over.

Know Your Chair

In order to successfully and safely use your power wheelchair you have to know what you need to do when trying to use it properly. Read the instruction manual thoroughly so that you know what each button if for and how it all works together.

Stay Away From Children

If you are near any children make sure that you are far enough away from them so that they are not able to grab hold of the controls. You don’t want them to accidentally move it when you are in the wrong spot.