Power Wheelchair Accessories

In order to successfully use your power wheelchair you need to be using the proper accessories that come with them. There are many different things that you are able to use which makes things much easier for you. We have listed a few of the most important accessories that you should never forget about.

Scooter Arm Tote

This convenient tote slides onto the arm of the power wheelchair and allows you to place your wallet, cell phone, and other items inside of it. This is much easier for people to use when their purse is too large or small for them.

Portable Hand Controls

These controls are easy to use for people who have a difficult time trying to start the power wheelchair. It us lightweight, portable, and is able to be installed in only a few seconds. There are two controls that work the brake and the gas.


In order to use the power wheelchair within your home you need to be able to enter or exit it. Most homes have porch stoops that make it impossible to enter into the home. You can purchase a variety of ramps that are able to be easily installed into the front and back doors.

Cup Holder

Sometimes we need to keep a drink with us in order to stay cooled down and dehydrated while we are outside shopping and taking in the fresh air. It can be hard to maneuver it and drink something at the same time. Instead you should slip a portable cup holder that is easy to put on and can hold a variety of size drinks.

Seat Belt

This is a type of automated machine that you ride on and because of this you need to make sure that you follow the necessary guidelines that will keep you safe. This means that it is important to have a seat belt built into it. This accessory usually comes free with the chair and will help to protect you during any accident you may have.


A power wheelchair is going to have a difficult time trying to run properly without the right battery. Make sure that you have a spare battery that can be used when the original one has finally died and cannot be recharged anymore.

Wheelchair Cover

A cover is important when trying to protect your wheelchair. You can place it inside of the garage to store it and keep the dust and other debris off of it. These covers are highly durable and able to cover almost any size of wheelchairs.