Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs

There are many people who need to use a power wheelchair that will last them for years. These people are disabled and instead of getting off of their feet due to an injury they are forced to use one of these thing for the rest of their life. Because of this they need something that is able to hold up against anything and will last for years with minimal repairs needed.

The best model to get for people who need something like this are the heavy duty power wheelchairs. These are much more bulky than they lightweight types and are built to last a much longer time. They are also built to be more comfortable and with thicker cushioning. This makes it easier for the person to sit down in it for long periods of time.

They are much more expensive – but they are also some of the best to use and are able to last you so much longer. Another great advantage to them being heavy duty is the ability they have to hold people who weigh much more.

Any type of power wheelchair is able to hold only a certain amount of weight before it is not able to work properly or move around without any trouble. The lightweight models usually are able to hold as much as 200 pounds. However, the heavy duty power wheelchairs have the ability to hold as much as 300 to 400 pounds.

You will also be able to find some that are a bit wider to allow more space for you to sit comfortably. Too many people feel that they have little to no room when trying to sit down and drive one of these. If you are going to use it every day and for everything than it is important to find the type that will allow this.

Also don’t forget to purchase the necessary power wheelchair accessories in order to help you use it correctly. Without these accessories you will find using them very difficult. One of the most accessories that you need to use are the ramps that give you access into your home and also out.