Power Wheel Chairs

For some of us moving around our homes, walking, driving, and swimming are a luxury that we often taken for granted. Not many of us imagine what life would be like if we couldn’t perform what we view as simple tasks. But there are people in the world who were once able to – but are no longer due to medical conditions.

But just because they are unable to use their legs does not mean that they cannot enjoy life and everything in the world around them. The easiest way for them to get around both inside their home and in the town that they live in is through Power Wheel Chairsthe help of power wheel chairs.

Power wheel chairs are different than standard wheel chairs in the fact that they are motorized and are much more comfortable. They negate the need to use upper body strength to wheel yourself around and helps you to exercise in other forms instead of while you are trying to relax.

They are operated through the use of a joystick that is placed on the arm of the chair. This joystick allows you to move forward, around bends, and backup with ease. The joystick may be on the left or right handed armrest to make it available to left and right handed people.

Depending on the brand of power wheel chair you purchase and why you need to use it will determine what features it will have. There are some built with a type of seat that might be rigid or sling. Most come with a headrest – but they are not always needed.

You will sit on a cushion that is comfortable and more padded then one that can be found on a standard wheel chair. This makes them more comfortable when you need to use them for long periods of time. Power wheel chairs are powered with a battery that can be easily recharged. Some models have the charger built directly into it – while others have them separate from the chair itself.